J Q Ingram was born February 26th 1821 Mary Johnson was born March 12th 1831

Rebecca Ann Ingram was born February 24th 1851 Martha E Ingram was born Mar 14 1853

S J Ingram was born February 9th 1855 J M Ingram was born February 17th 1857

Emma Ditugeamilyn was born Feb 11th 1859 Cornelia Susan Ingram was born Feb 5th 1862 Benary Ingram was born Sept 4th 1863

name changed to J Q after death of his father Jan 20th 1865 Billie Morley was born Apr 6th 1867

Eugene Morley was born Oct 21, 1872 Gussie was born July 6th 1875

George Morley born June 26, 1839 – died March 22, 1886

*Note: Some dates were blurred and may be wrong. Emma’s name was very hard to read and not sure is right, she went by the name Emma Dora