Transcribed by Nancy Kennedy


N S Cherry, son of Eli and Cynthia Cherry

and F K Johnson, daughter of J A and Elizabeth Johnson

were married on the 15th of October, 1856 in Hardin County, Tenn.

Emma J Cherry, daughter of N F and F K Cherry and Robert Mack Martin

on May 18th, 1897 at parents home in Florence, Ala

R M Martin and Mrs Joe A Freeman were married Aug 31, 1918 at her father’s house in Bartlett, Tenn

by the Rec M F Leak, moved to Jackson, Madison County, Tenn


N F Cherry on June 1, 1831, Hardin County, Tenn

F K Johnson on Nov 19, 1832 in Lawrence County, Ala James William Cherry on May 1, 1859, Hardin County, Tenn Eli Otis Cherry on Mar 3, 1861, McNairy County

Henry Armstead Cherry } twin births on Nov 27, 1863, McNairy County Margaret Elizabeth Cherry } and their triplet sister, Henry Elizabeth, died at birth* Emma Johnson Cherry on Feb 26, 1868

Rosa Lee Cherry on Aug 6, 1869 Louisa May Cherry on May 18, 1871 Cynthia Cherry on July 18,1872


Families composed of James A Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, F A Johnson their son, N F Cherry and F K Cherry and their son James William moved from Hardin County, Tennessee to McNairy County, Tennessee on 14 November 1860.

Eli Otis Cherry died at his home in Newburn, Tennessee (Dyer county) May 21, 1921. (Death certificate says May 20 and tombstone says May 19.)

Henry Armstead Cherry died at the hospital in Oklahoma City on December – 1936.

James William Cherry died at the home of his son I Cherry in Nashville, Tenn on March 29, 1939.

Otis Cherry Martin’s husband, Loren Gannamy Martin, father of Robert Cherry and Billy Otis Martin passed away March 29, 1957 in Tuscombia, Ala. Buried in Oakwood

Cemetery in Tuscombia, Alabama.

Obituary: Sister Margaret C.T. 87, daughter of the late N F Cherry of Florence who built the Cherry Cotton Mills and aunt of Otis Cherry Martin of Tuscombia, died Wednesday night at the mother house, Community of the Transfiguration in Glendale, Ohio. Sister Margaret left Florence in 1907 (?)during the rectorship of Rev R B mo at the Trinity Episcopal Church to

enter the new motivate of the Community of the Transfiguration. She had served at St John’s Home in Cleveland and the Bethany House for Girls in Glendale. (She died Dec 27, 1859 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Hamilton County, Ohio)


Emma J Cherry Martin died Aug 6, 1914 in Bartlett, Tenn and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. Eli Cherry is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Dyer county, Tenn. He was a doctor.

Henry Armstead Cherry is buried in Green Hillcrest Cemetery in Murray County, Ok.

Louisa May, Cynthia and the triplet Henry Elizabeth is buried with their grandparents, James C and Elizabeth Johnson on their farm not too far west of Pebble Hill. Rosa Lee May be buried here also. In 1900 Mrs Cherry states she has born 9 children and 5 are living.

James William Cherry was a minister and is buried in the Savannah Cemetery in Hardin County, Tenn. On his death record it is called Family Cemetery.