by Nancy Wardlow Kennedy


by Nancy Wardlow Kennedy

The families of William A Burns and Loulah Arkansas Davis who married January 24, 1881 at Gravel Hill

Miles Burns decest Oct 12th 1836

Susan Burns decest July 13th 1836 (Biffle maiden name) Ursuly Ann Burns decest August 4th, 1843

Elizabeth Tyre deceast Sept 9 —

Mary Dasthuley Cock born 10th of November 1843, born of Ursuly

Charles Burns was born Nov 6th 1811 (eldest child of Miles & Susan Burns) Elizabeth Thompson was born Sept 29th of 1820

Sarah An Susan Burns was born 6th of March 1837 Frances Elizabeth Burns was born 4th of March 1839

—- Newton Burns was born September –1841 Robert Jasper Burns was born on March 11th 1844

Decest 15 Agust in the year 1848

Eliza Virginia Burns born 21 of Sept 1846 Thomas Jefferson was born 25th of December 1848 Tennessee Carline Burns born 8th of Nov 1851 Cersepta Jane Burns born Nov 19, 1854

Ephram T Burns was borned April 8, 1857

Wm A Burns 5th son of Charles & Elizabeth Burns, borned 19th May 1860 Julia C Burns daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Burns borned Apr 5 1864 Robert Thompson deceased Jany 1855 (Elizabeth’s father)

Charles, oldest son of Miles & Susan Burns died August 8, 1888 Of paralisis, age 76 years 9 months 2 days

Charles Burns died Aug 8 1888

Daughter died May 8, 1894 (Cersepta Jane)


written in his store log book

John R Davis & Louisa Ann Joslin was married July 25th AD 1850 John R Davis was born Dec 5th AD 1829

Louisa Ann Joslin was born July 25th AD 1833

Nancy Jane Davis was born July 10th AD 1851, Thursday

Willie Georgia Ann Davis was born November 25th AD 1852, Thursday Louisa Adelen Davis was born August 29th AD 1854, Tuesday

Mary Emaline Davis was born September 6 AD 1857, Sunday Margaret A Dellar Davis was born February 2, 1859

Sarah Bennet Davis was borned February the 2nd 1859, Wednesday

Luelah Arkansas Davis was borned July 19th 1861, Friday

Louisa Adelan Davis died March the 28th 1857, daughter of John A & Louisa Ann Davis Sarah Bennet Davis Peterson died Aug 21, 1921

Nancy Jane Davis Hurd died June 6, 1924 Mary Emaline Davis Long died (no date)

John R Davis inlisted in the war February the 22nd 1862 for the term of 3 years or during the war in the 2nd Miss Ridgement in Co — G W Latham

Mr Davis survived only a 55 days in the war. He was never in battle, or at least not a big battle. He got sick and died under a tree in Virginia.

Mrs Davis tried to keep the business and did washing for men working around or military men. She made entries like: Mr Walker – 1 socks, 1 shirt & drawers – 30¢

This was a very interesting small book concerning John Davis’s business. However several other little things were written. One was a rcipt for the Each:

1 spoon full soap Do salt

Do tar Do sulphur

Do to baco do ashes all simpered in lard.

written by William A Burns in the same book:

Luelah Arkansas Davis & W A Burns was married January 24th 1881 The birth of one child December 1, 1881 died December the 3, 1881, was buried at Mt Vernon

Luelah and William Burns lived south of Gravel Hill and her mother Louisa Ann Joslin Davis and his mother Elizabeth Thomas Burns lived with them until they died. William, called Billy Burns wrote lots in the book also. Davis wrote in ink and Burns wrote with a pencil.

His son Robert Burns worked for him and Mr Burns wrote entries like this monthly entry:

Problem Robert set in to work

  1. lost (didn’t work)
  2. lost
  3. lost

12 lost hauling corn 1 da

13 lost ½ day doing nothing 16 lost gon to town 1 da

27 lost gon to Jim Prather 11 lost gon to town

15 lost one da foolin round

16 lost gon to Gravel Hill

One of my favorite entries by Burns:

New Year

ma – rain & selt

tues – day was beautiful

Sunday – clow dy no rain ^ snow tues – day was cold sun shined wed – in the eve was beautiful fri – was beautiful beautiful


W A Burns was born May 19 1860 L A Burns was born July 18, 1861 One child was born Dec 1m 1881

Robert Lee Burns was born July 6, 1883 Hattie Idellar was born March 9 1885 Sarah Willie was born July 14 1887 Charles Henry was born Jan 9, 1891 Maggie Elizabeth was born Apr 2, 1892 Minnie May Dona was born July 25 1896


Louisa A Davis died Apr 26, 1910 Hattie Olive died Nov 4, 1906

Ander Olive died Dec 16, 1923

Willie Prince died Oct 11, 1928 W A Burns died Nov 25, 1947 Louela Burns died Feb 2, 1948


W A Burns and L E Davis was married Jan 24, 1881 John Olive and Hattie Burns was married Apr 7, 1904

Marcus Prince and Willie Burns was married July 24, 1904 Robert L Burns and Gola W Armstrong was married Dec 24, 1905 Charlie Burns and Athalee Hopkins was married Nov 21, 1909 Ander Olive and Maggie Burns was married Dec 5, 1909

Elbert Bolding and Minnie Burns was married Aug 7, 1912 Ellen McCoy and Maggie Olive was married June 13, 1926