Life & Times

of McNairy County, TN

McNairy County Courthouse at Purdy. Sketch by Nancy Kennedy

“Usually history just tells us of great people or exceptional events. Many of the people in this history are people who probably never saw their names in print. Many events were never recorded because they were of no importance. Yet the history given here is probably as true as most history books. These were people, family friends, neighbors, and fellow travelers on the earth, the things they did and said were part of their lives and they lived as you and I live, with joy, sorrow and happiness. They were real and their lives were real. They worked, they played, they loved, they hated. They were a people that were as much a part of our history as if they were Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, the Boones, Crocketts or Houstons.”

E. D. Richard

Taken from: The Yarns and The Cloth, An Unorthodox History of a Place and It’s People.

This site has been created to preserve the history of our wonderful little county.